Getting More Involved with ACT

        If you would like to help in the many activities of the Trust,
          please contact us at  .

        We are always looking for help with:

  • Public Outreach & Membership

    - This group helps us recruit new members and to bring former members back into the fold.

    - They research relevant topics and help write articles for members and the town at large, as well as helping to produce ACT’s newsletter.

    - They help us organize membership meetings, membership renewal mailings and organize membership events.

  • Land Protection and Stewardship:

    - Members of this Committee get training in conservation restrictions, easements and other open space preservation tools.

    - They meet with landowners to discuss the many ways they can preserve their land as open space for generations to come, and the financial benefits such landowners can enjoy in connection with their generosity.

    - Members also draft CRs and manage the land stewardship of CRs by walking those properties to ensure they are being used or left alone as originally planned.

    - Finally, this group helps the overall Board keep up-to-date regarding various land preservation issues, including new and different open space preservation options, as well as the efforts of others to expand or curtail them. One such possible curtailment we and our friends at the Land Trust Alliance are watching closely is a federal proposal by the Joint Committee on Taxation to drastically cut back tax benefits for donations of land, conservation easements and bargain sales of land for conservation purposes.

  • Fundraising :

    - This group is responsible for such fundraising activities as researching and writing grants, helping to arrange specific funding for land projects and running fundraising events.

    - They work with ACT Members to create opportunities for ACT development. 

  • Targeted Administrative Help: 
    -On occasion we need hands to help with stuffing envelopes, labeling our newsletters, etc.  If you are available to do any of these things on a week’s notice – let us know.
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